Paranormal Investigations / Ghost Hunts at Guys Cliffe House

Such is the atmosphere of Guy's Cliffe, is it any wonder that some of the people who have lived within her walls just don't want to leave?


From its pagan beginnings in the 6th century, to its conversion to Christianity and the ecclesiastical occupancy that soon followed. From the famous Guy of Warwick and the tragic Fair Felice, to the Tudor occupants, the heydays of the 18th and 19th century and the soldiers and boys of the 20th century who have all made Guy's Cliffe a home at one time or another, there have been many guests, short and long term at Guy's Cliffe.

Many visitors have been noted as stating that they wish their visit could be longer and, in some cases, their visit has become permanent. No longer a grand country house, and forgotten by many, the walls of Guy's Cliffe harbour echoes of the past and of those long since gone.

Day & night paranormal phenomena is witnessed at Guy's Cliffe - Footsteps along empty corridors, ethereal mists, poltergeist activity, fleeting apparitions, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena plus many bumps in the night!... An evocative location, our team consider Guy's Cliffe to be up there with the most famous and potent of haunted locations. A location quoted as being 'for none but the brave'.


We agree, but the question remains - Are you brave enough to come on a Paranormal Investigation / Ghost Hunt with our Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe team?

Our in-house team are a group of highly experienced paranormal investigators who have a long history of involvement with the property & over 10 years experience hosting Paranormal Investigations at Guy's Cliffe. We all have a great love and respect for the house and its environs and huge experience and knowledge of the phenomena that occur within its walls. We'd love to share some of those experiences with you. Members of the Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe team also have extensive experience of hosting investigations across the UK with one of the most popular & successful teams out there! - Meet the Team!


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What to expect! - Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe

Duration of Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Investigations: Please plan to arrive at Guy's Cliffe House between 7pm & 7.30pm so that we can get you parked and check you off against our guest list. The event will start at 7.30pm prompt, when you will be escorted through the inner courtyard to the ancient Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene for introductions. The Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Investigation will last until 2am the following morning.

Catering Provided: After the introductions, depending on the specific event, you will be provided with either a fine savoury and sweet buffet meal or a hot buffet meal created by Guy's Cliffe's own catering team, together with tea, coffee, and light snacks for the breaks throughout the event... You really won't go hungry!

Paranormal Workshops: During these short pre-vigil workshops, we will help you become equipped with the means to carry out a ghost hunt / paranormal investigation at Guy's Cliffe House. The workshops will provide you with the following information:

  • The history of the property. You'll get to learn about Guy's Cliffe's history from experts on the location.
  • A psychic workshop. Learn how to see the signs of psychic activity, how to encounter the psychic world safely and various tools that can be utilised to contact entities and spirits.
  • An equipment master class. We will teach you about the types of tools available to the paranormal investigator. You are most welcome to bring your own equipment also!

Vigils: Guests will be split into typically three teams. Each team will be given time in each available area to experience and run their own investigative vigils and to ensure time with each of the Guy's Cliffe team members. There will be three vigil sessions to increase the likelihood of paranormal activity being encountered and to limit disruption. Guests are actively encouraged to 'ask out' for activity & responses - This is your investigation!

Evaluative Meet Up: The Guy's Cliffe team and Guests will meet up at the conclusion of the event to compare results and experiences. Then, alas, it is goodbye and safe journey.

Corporate or Private Group Paranormal Investigations / Ghost Hunts

If you're interested in organising an event then you've come to the right place! We are the people you need to talk to about getting your event underway. The Paranormal Investigation will be hosted by our own in-house team of investigators who have many years of involvement at Guy's Cliffe, both physically with the property and investigating the paranormal. At Guy's Cliffe they know both aspects better than anyone! The format of the corporate/private event will be generally the same as our public events and will feature a buffet meal by our own catering team. For all private or corporate events there is a 15x guest minimum but we can cater for up to 30x guests in total. Rates variable depending on the duration of the event. Drop us a line and we'll get the ball rolling.

Please note - This is for private or corprate events, not for small private paranormal groups wishing to investigate Guy's Cliffe - Please book yourselves onto one of our Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe event dates...

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We invite you to Meet the Team and proceed to our Ghosts of Guy's Cliffe Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Investigation event dates & online ticket booking... Any questions please Contact Us!